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Deafness Forum of Australia Concern With Aged Care

September 24, 2014 0 Comments

The Deafness Forum of Australia raised concerns about the lack of formal hearing assistance training for carers within aged care.

David Brady, Chairman for the Deafness Forum of Australia  said, “It is a national disgrace that while more than seven out of ten older Australians suffer from hearing loss, the staff entering the aged care system are seldom trained to assist them.”

Mr Brady also commented that due to the lack of focus on hearing assistance training for community in-home and residential carers there is under-recognition and under-management of hearing loss within the aged care.

“Carers are hard-working and highly valued by the community, but how can we expect them to do their jobs if they don’t receive the necessary training?” David Brady said.

When putting together a care plan for an elderly resident, if the aged care worker has not been trained to recognise the need for hearing assistance, then the welfare of the resident could be at risk. Hearing loss can result in difficulty when communicating, which has a ripple effect. Results can include ostracism by other residents, leading to social isolation and depression.

David Brady said, “After years of this neglect the standard of hearing assistance must be improved as rapidly as possible”.

As over 3.5 million people will use Australian aged care services by 2050, the Deafness Forum of Australia wants hearing assistance training to become a priority in the Health Care Industry.

“We cannot and will not walk away from our responsibility to this very large group of people.”

The Deafness Forum of Australia is the national representative of all Australians who have a hearing impairment and the families who support them.

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