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HOPE Project to Benefit Elderly People who Hoard

July 15, 2014 0 Comments

The HOPE Project aka the Home, Possessions and Environment Project helps elderly people who hoard.

Elderly individuals who tend to hoard and live in rundown establishments and domestic squalor now have HOPE to reside in better conditions for the winter season.

Community Care Northern Beaches’ (CCBN) interim chief executive, Sarah Brisbane, warns that winter is dangerous for older people who hoard, because the use of heating appliances increases fire risks.

The HOPE Project or Home, Possessions and Environment Project, is one of two Sydney-based programs designed to help individuals, 70 years old and above who have a hoarding disorder or who are living in severe domestic squalor. With funding from the federal government’s Home and Community Care (HACC) program, elderly individuals will be given a place to stay for the winter season.

Hoarding disorder was formally diagnosed as a mental disorder last year. It is also estimated to affect one in every 20 people or 5% of the world population. Individuals with hoarding disorders are also likely to experience psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, attention deficit, and hyperactivity disorder or alcohol dependency. Grief from losing a loved one can also trigger or worsen a hoarding disorder.

According to Sarah Brisbane of CCBN, “This program aims to help older people who may have issues from excessive acquiring, saving or hoarding. The risks from this in winter months are exacerbated given the increased chance of fire in a home with heating.”

CCBN is working with the NSW Police Department, NSW Fire and Rescue Department, local councils and mental health professionals to help raise awareness of the free HOPE Project. A local hoarding squalor team has also been set up to help focus the organisation’s resources on the issue.

“The HOPE project works with specialists creating individually tailored plans to help people with their own personal goals and home environment. It will also help people find the most appropriate support such as from GP’s, psychologists, counsellors, health and nutrition experts as well as developing safety plans,” Brisbane said.

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