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LGBTI Training Funds in the Aged Care Sector

June 10, 2014 0 Comments

ACON and the National LGBTI Health Alliance first started a program that trained aged care workers in dealing with and handling LGBTI sensitivities. And, as of late, they have just been given the opportunity to take their training to a higher level.

The Australian Department of Health and Ageing has set aside funds for the National LGBTI Health Alliance to educate aged care workers via state-based organisations until June of 2016.

The Aged Care Training Project was designed to provide better education, care and support for the LGBTI community in aged care homes. It aims to help aged care workers understand the difference between their personal beliefs of values to those of LGBTI individuals.

ACON, one of the pioneers of the program has trained over 120 aged care workers in NSW, and are continuing to receive calls for more reservations.

According to ACON CEO, Nicolas Parkhill, “We are contracted to deliver at least a hundred sessions by June 2016 and we are expecting to exceed that target at the present rate of interest.”

The sessions of interest will help define the LGBTI community, explore their ageing experience and examine the relevance of providing inclusive elderly-directed care.

Parkhill added, “It is an interactive, participative session that provides practical tips and resources for staff to implement immediately, as well as advocating for organisational change.”

“It also addresses the specific health issues faced by our communities including HIV, mental health, and alcohol and other drug use.”

Some of the state-based organisations include Uniting Care South Australia, Queensland AIDS Council, Northern Territory AIDS, Transgender Victoria and Hepatitis Council, Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria. These organisations will all attend sessions conducted by ACON.

Sally Goldner, a representative of Transgender Victoria stated that she was ‘thrilled’ about the funding because it stressed the importance of the LGBTI community across Australia.

According to Goldner, “The evidence is very clear that homophobic, biphobic and transphobic scenarios occur in aged care.”

“There are good stories about how workers are supportive though, and our aim is to move towards making that the majority”.


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