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Low Tech Mobile Phones for the Elderly by Kisa

August 21, 2014 0 Comments

Kisa Pty Ltd are supplying elderly people across Australia with low tech mobile phones.

An old-fashioned mobile phone is fast becoming a hit with the elderly, disabled and visually impaired individuals throughout Australia.

Dimitry Levin, director at Kisa Pty Ltd, came up with the idea of a low tech phone after experiencing the frustration of attempting to teach his parents to use even the simplest mobile phones in the market.

KISA – Keeping It Simple Always – is a mobile phone with no screen, no keypads, no internet and no applications… very different from the high tech phones younger generations spend their days tapping on and gazing at.

Along with Dennis Volodomanov and Leon Kosher, fellow inventors, Dimitry and his team manufactured a low tech mobile phone which is similar to the home phone which was created 30 years ago.

Levin says, “The phone only has two functions, it can receive calls and it can make calls.”

“Even the simplest mobile phones on the market assume the users already know how to navigate digital menus, touch screen interfaces, audio commands, or even at the most basic level, they assume the user can read. We set out to make a mobile phone that assumes close to nothing.”

Agencies like Guide Dogs Victoria, Vision Australia and Aged Care Australia have given excellent reviews to the KISA mobile.

Each KISA phone is custom-made and information stored like phone numbers are done at the factory.

“It’s not for everyone, it’s not for a 25 year old who likes to spend a lot of time on Facebook, it’s for those who struggle with current mobile phones,” Mr Levin said.

“What we found through our research was what tends to happen is technology is moving in one direction, while as humans as we get older we start to move away from technology.”

“Our ability to learn and embrace new technology decreases for a number of reasons, it could be because your eyesight or dexterity deteriorates, so we needed to take the issue away.”

KISA offers four different types of mobiles – the Braille phone, a phone for young children, an Arthritis phone and a Dementia phone.

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