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Person Centred Philosophy in Care

August 9, 2013 0 Comments

Person Centred Care PhilosophyPerson centred care, also known as patient-centred care and client-centred care, is about:

* treating and caring for a person by placing them at the centre of their own care
* involving the person in the decision making process with regards to their care, ie. creating a collaboration
* treating a person with respect and how they wish to be treated
* building a relationship and getting to know the person as a human being
* being sensitive to a person’s needs, values, culture, religious beliefs, goals and history

Having the person involved with the process decisions for their treatment and care makes them feel valued, gives them a vested interest and therefore more engagement in the treatment, and contributes to self-motivation. It also shows the person that they are much more than just a statistic in some medical journal. It is the difference between ‘being done to’ and ‘doing with’.

Not only does every person have the right to being treated fairly and humanely, through a Person Centred Philosophy to Care, nurses and health care workers can make a positive impact on health care and the lives of the people they care for.

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