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Quality Vocational Education for Aged Care

October 7, 2014 0 Comments

To develop skills in any workforce, training and development is one of the most crucial elements. Sadly, the quality of vocational education for Aged Care is being questioned here in Australia. Across Australia, public TAFE colleges continue to experience funding cuts and private registered training organisations are poised to receive an increase in funds to train Australia’s workforce.

As Australia is faced with an ageing population there is a need for skilled aged care workers. Alarmingly, it won’t be too long before the population of retirees will outnumber skilled workers.

In 2010, Australians aged 65 and above were supported by 5 people of working age. By 2050, this ratio is expected to decline by almost 50% and it is estimated there will be 2.7 workers for each retiree.

The vocational training sector, TAFE included, requires funding and strict regulations to ensure that each skilled worker across Australia is well-trained and competent. Unfortunately, this boost cannot be given due to the government funding cuts and insufficient training. The Business Council of Australia (BCA) accused the government of cutting costs from vocational training because it is more “palatable” than taking money out of schools.

The quality of Aged Care Training is also a major concern, and it appears that many aged care operators are aware of this lack of quality in private training organisations. One manager in a regional care facility pointed out numerous private training organisations which they would not use.

The 2011 Productivity Commission report, Caring for Older Australians, highlighted the need for sustainable and adequate end-of-life services, which can only be provided if the workforce is properly trained and resourced.

How to improve the quality of training?

Improved regulations for registered training organisations are a must. Poor vocational education for aged care should not be acceptable. Consider what would happen if such poor standards of training existed with electricians, car manufacturers and builders? There would be devastating consequences.

Australia is in the midst of a huge demographic shift which will have dramatic repercussions on public policy. This is why it is important to train, develop, retrain and redevelop the Australian workforce.

But while many private providers are reported to fall short of the industry’s standards when it comes to accredited courses, not all deliver poor quality training. Be sure to check testimonials and trainer’s bio’s when considering vocational education for aged care.

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